All-natural local supplier of fine grains in CT

271 Love Lane, Coventry CT, 06238

Also known as Still River Farm, in Coventry CT, CT WHEAT grows mainly Hard Red Winter Wheat. Connecticut is not generally known for its wheat production, which makes this endeavor a passion project to bring unaltered, naturally grown grains from the fertile grounds of CT to you at a reasonable price.

We started with only a couple acres, though have had as many as 29 acres to work with, in collaboration with the wonderful farmers and generous landowners of the area.

The weather was anything but agreeable last year in 2021, many farmers lost their entire crops. Ours was a loss last year as well… Not this year! 2022, though dry, had rain just at the right time leading to good results.

It has taken years, because we use no chemicals of any kind, to get a handle on the weeds… Not to mention the challenge of rocky New England soil. The fields are looking nice. The seed cleaner is dialed in and performs amazingly well! Rest assured, you always get quality, clean wheat, with the correct moisture content.

We use a few different size tractors and cultivating equipment such as Olivers, Allis Chalmers All-Crop, Farmall, a Gleaner combine, and some other oldie but goodies.


Got Wheat?

Hard-Red Winter Wheat is great for making breads and brewing. It grows very well around here as opposed to the Spring Wheat varieties.

We will try growing Einkorn and Soft White Wheat Varieties next year!

Not quite this old, but...

…Using an Oliver Gravity Table for the Einkorn– an ancient wheat, low in gluten. It’s a fantastic alternative to gluten-free breads and cookies. You cannot use a standard cleaner for Einkorn due to the hull protecting the seed.

Soft White Wheats are traditionally better for baking desserts. We hope to grow a complete variety of Hard Red / Soft White wheats, Einkorn, Rye, and Cornmeal next year. The corn did poorly this year due to a shortage of rain, unfortunately. This year, as of August 2022, we have only Hard Red Winter Wheat for sale. (And Rye)

The wheat is ground by Kenyon Grist Mill in Usquepaug, Rhode Island. Kenyon’s Grist uses the original granite millstones quarried from Westerly, RI. These massive stones produce the exceptional texture and rich quality not found in modern steel ground flours. Single pass stone grinding also preserves the vital, natural nutrition of the grains.

Please email or call first and we will happy to assist you.